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A dog can be a source of a truckload of happiness. Quick quality time with a pooch can take away a day’s worth of stress. Your loyal canine companion can follow you around all day long without annoying you. Your playful pup can goof around with you all day long without tiring you. Your clingy furry baby can lick and hug you all day long without harassing you.

However, like any other creature, they are prone to certain risks when not properly taken care of. Unlike their ancestors and families living in the wild, indoor dogs need their fur parents to feed them, groom them, and look after them. 

The Risks of Unkempt Dogs

Pup clinics like Pasadena Dog Grooming are tirelessly enhancing their processes and constantly hunting for the newest and safest products and equipment for their furry clients. All these hassles and hard works save them from annoying itches, tooth decay, unhealthily long nails, and inconveniently thick coat. 

Here are some consequences if you choose not to understand better the importance of proper and religious grooming to dogs.

Tangled and Matted Fur

The longer their fur, the higher chances of tangling and matting. There are certain breeds with naturally long hair. It does not necessarily need to be cut or shaved to avoid frizziness. Proper shampooing and regular combing can do the trick.


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Tooth Decay

Constant chewing can help reduce the accumulation of tartar and plaque. These are not enough, however, to prevent tooth decay. Regular brushing with the use of suitable non-toxic toothpaste is a must. After all, you do not wish to be licked by a doggy with bad breath, do you?

Pain in the Quick

Dog nails are connected to a quick. The longer their nails are, the more painful it would be if they unintentionally cut or break them. Also, scratching is an innate urge for dogs, but if their nails are kept longer than usual, they might injure them.

Coat Patches

Dogs do shed a lot; that is natural. Fur parents need to use a premium deshedding tool though to help remove hair mats, promote healthier fur growth, and avoid uneven coat patches.

Life-Threatening Diseases

Pests can suck away a pooch’s body nutrients, compromising his health and wellness. Yes, if not addressed immediately and appropriately, fleas and ticks and all sorts of parasites could lead to life-threatening diseases.

Other Reasons for Regular Grooming

  • “A tree is known by its fruit.” Your furry baby is a reflection of you. Groom like how you want others to see you.
  • “You get what you give.” Your canine companion’s behavior could vary based on how you treat him. 
  • “Look good, feel good.” By simply making them look good, you help them to feel good. You can visibly see the results on their moods and energy levels.

Treat your furry friend once in a while; he deserves that. Seek experts’ help in creating a grooming routine for your pup. Pasadena Dog Grooming, for instance, offers premium quality of services to showcase your doggy’s beauty from inside out.